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Ghana’s finest golf estate


Hilden City estate is Ghana’s finest golf estate with tailored homes for family and investors who want to live and bring up a perfect family, with every detailed taken into consideration. The name “Hilden” was born out of the founder’s wife. An idea for its speciality and uniqueness in execution, ‘’City’’ is naturally added as a result of its diversional inclusion, from its completeness.


Acres of Land


Hole golf course

Hilden city is part of a project by Sani Properties Investment Ltd known as SPI Developers and its cordial partner Millennium Squad Construction Ltd. The company is Headquartered in the United Kingdom and has been operating for a decade. Over the last few years, it strategically focused on the African continent to bridge the housing deficit into revolutionizing Africa. In the African space, the company strategized to expand into a group offering a first class in various industrialization whiles maintaining its core mother as the real estate. Hilden city is a combination of luxury lifestyle, family upbringing with peace of mind and the luxury of following your dreams in one huge space.

About Us

Hilden City Estate

The estate spands accros 104 Acres, with various interesting natural reserves surrounding it, within it is a 9 hole golf course with 18 Tees, with some superb hazards like trees and water bodies for water sport making it a unique environment for its intended purpose. The estate boasts of ecological park with various kinds of animals and horses for riding. The deliberate intention of designing kids playground has been our utmost priority.

The estate has partnered with some world class educational establishment to establish its own school (Primary and High school). Technology Park with data centers, Self-serviced offices, meaning you can work anytime any day or any hour, all you need is your laptop or computer. An ultra-modern hospital to cater for the entire estate and its guest. Hilden City estate is simply Ghana’s number 1 preferred destination for housing, luxury and lifestyle.